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Blue Lady’s Sweet Dreams
The Angelica Mason Series
by Stephany Tullis

When a small town well-respected political operative is forced by her disgruntled mother to move into the family home to care for her ill father, her dreams become nightmares and her nightmares reality.

Harassed by her mother and overwhelmed by her father’s non-stop caretaker schedule, Angelica Mason’s daydreams become as unnerving as her bewitching nightmares.

Does she imagine that her boss fires her? Did she quit her job and tell her boss to ‘stuff it’?

Does the love of her life back-stab her?

Does an enchanting Prince Charming appear on her doorstop with a pair of platinum-lined glass slippers; perfect size 8?

Is she hallucinating that he rescues her?

Or is the enchanter the hazel eyed FedEx man who demands her signature for a mysterious package?

Just what can a girl do when her dreams become nightmares and nightmares her reality?

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