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Faerie Lights
Book 3
by Rayna Noire

Whispered instructions from the dead.
An unpredictable psychic sense.
A destiny not yet fulfilled.

Meara is enmeshed in an impossible spiritual battle. As her body fights to regain consciousness, a vision compels her to complete her quest and finally bring peace to the warring nations, but her quest will not be easy. A pervasive evil thrives on the chaos and will stop at nothing to ensure the conflict continues.

By all outward appearances, she is an easy target to defeat, but unbeknownst to her oppressors, there’s more to her than meets the eye. She carries with her a long legacy of faerie magic and the means to end this conflict and restore order once and for all.

Follow Meara’s harrowing journey in Blaze, the third and final book in the Faerie Lights Trilogy!

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