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Beginning Anew
The Naomi Chronicles

Book 3
by Paula Rose Michelson

Spurred on by their newfound faith in Christ, Chaz and Naomi discover what it means to view one another with eyes of love. Yet there are those who cannot forgive them for Chaz and Naomi have revealed that they are Jewish believers in Messiah and find it a difficult to go about their daily lives.

While others long-held secrets threaten to pull them apart, passion, duty, fear, revenge, courage, prejudice, love, and a touch of the supernatural are woven into the lives of this couple. Naomi is visited by the spirit of her dead benefactor, and Chaz asks for Padre Paul’s advice about friends who no longer admit to knowing him.

Tensions build and Lola discovers a riot is about to erupt because Padre Paul and Rabbi de Behar have had lunch together. When this teenager confronts those surrounding the Rabbi’s house, they leave.

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