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An Affair of the Heart
by Christopher Forward

David Cole is having a quiet dinner in a Parisian restaurant situated on the bank of the River Seine. Seeing a young woman crying her eyes out a few tables away, David makes a crucial life-defining decision and invites her over to join him. What will be the outcome? Find out in “Affair of the Heart”.

David Cole has a mundane job working for a company that sells toilet basins and other toiletry equipment to construction firms in France. “Coals to Newcastle” would be an apt term if it were not for the fact that David has a knack of talking French building companies into buying anything his employers, Ridgely’s, can produce. Paris has long been his predominant place of work and everything changes one fateful night in Marcel’s, a restaurant, situated on the bank of the beautiful River Seine. Could the girl he meets just be a one night stand? Or will it turn into “An Affair of the Heart”?

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