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A Tango Before Dying
Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #7
(Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series)
by Anna Celeste Burke

When trouble waltzes in, it’s not long before Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler must come up with a few quick steps to stay alive.

Godmother and namesake for Georgie’s Executive Assistant, Madame Carol Chantel is visiting LA to participate in the World Ballroom Dance Championship. Lunch and a photo op in Arcadia Park with “Mad Max” Marley go terribly wrong when an angry woman hurls a glass of wine at Madame Chantel and runs away before security arrives.

Carol Ripley, Georgie’s delightful assistant, is understandably distraught when she finds her godmother dead a few hours later. There’s no apparent sign of foul play, but Madame Chantel’s death comes as a surprise since the sixty-something dance teacher and performer was in excellent health. It’s even more shocking when the investigation soon finds reasons to treat her death as suspicious, and an autopsy reveals someone murdered Madame Chantel.

In the immortal words of Voltaire, “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” Reading maybe, but not dance, apparently. Dressed as she was when the police found her body, a tango before dying was Madame Chantel’s final act.

Carol implores Georgie and Jack to find out who killed her beloved godmother. “Mad Max,” instantly smitten with the vibrant, attractive dancer, insists they drop everything else and find out whodunit!

Was it a jealous romantic partner, a crazed fan, a rival in the competitive world of Ballroom Dancing, a businesswoman with whom Madame Chantel had a dispute or someone else? Is Madame Chantel the only target or are other dancers in danger–including Georgie and Jack who put their dance lessons to work as they try to solve the mystery of A Tango Before Dying!

Grab your copy, now, to find out who murdered Madame Chantel!

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