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Fistful of Diamonds
by Chris Forward

I was once told the genre of short story writing is the most difficult to master, and a field that is reserved for literary luminaries such as Jeffrey Archer and Frederick Forsyth.

That comment served to light a fire in the distant recesses of my mind. When I hear those kinds of remarks, my hackles rise and I immediately want to prove them wrong.
I’ll let you decide if A Fistful of Diamonds wins?

From the pen of Chris Forward come nineteen tales that illuminate the pages of “A Fistful of Diamonds”. A man is in the twilight of his existence, looking out over the seascape that is the Indian Ocean. With the help of a guarded drink from his hip flask, he casts his mind back over “A Flask full of Memories”.

This is just the opening work in an anthology of fictional short stories that will leave you asking for more. In an “An Affair of the Heart”, David Cole gets more than he bargained for after inviting a young woman to share a bottle of claret with him.

“Oh Danny Boy”, “Forty-Love” and “Stumped” take the reader into the world of football, tennis and cricket, each with its own unique ending. In “Icon”, Paul Sutton embarks on a twenty-year journey as one of the greatest pop stars of all time.

From Boston to Bangkok, “Essence of a Woman” and “One Night in Bangkok” lends an international flavour to this collection of fictional narratives.

Finally, “A Timeless Profession” gives an insight into the oldest profession known to man. In addition, a final twist will leave the reader wondering what really happened that night in Paris!

These are just some of the stories that make up “A Fistful of Diamonds”. If you read only one story before retiring for the evening, each one will leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction.

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