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A Dead Nephew
Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery
Book 6

by Anna Celeste Burke

A thousand ways the desert can kill—the Cleaner Man is making it one thousand and one.

Louie Jacobs, a minor tried as an adult, is convicted of murder. All the evidence points to him. The murdered man’s aunt says Louis didn’t kill her nephew. Who did? “The Cleaner Man, and he’s done it before,” says Auntie Agnes. Jessica and her “Cat Pack” friends are back and on the hunt for an elusive killer. Does he even exist or is he a creature of spirit and imagination?

Jessica and her “Cat Pack” are back in this exciting installment of the Amazon #1 bestselling series by USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Anna Celeste Burke. Grab your copy and join in the mystery to discover whodunit!

Recipes Included.

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