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Two Kinds of Courage

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Two Kinds of Courage
by Christopher Forward

In “Two Kinds of Courage”, Danny Martyn and Leon Pienaar find themselves being brought up in two distinctly, different surroundings. From England, Angola and South Africa, two men weave a story that will keep you completely enthralled.

Brakpan in South Africa; Herne Bay in England: two small insignificant towns in the scheme of things, but they provide the main characters for the novel that is “Two Kinds of Courage”.

Leon Pienaar, raised in the mining town of Brakpan, learns everything the hard way from a larger than life scallywag in the form of Gerhard “Beef” van Rensburg.

Four years as a student in Beef’s college of crime, gives Leon a head start when he has to join the South African Defence Force, or face the real prospect of a prolonged stay in one of South Africa’s inhospitable prisons.

Danny Martyn; brought up in the idyllic English post World War Two town of Herne Bay, finds his early life dominated by normal loving parents and the family run business that is Bayside Amusements.

Earning a lifelong friend in Albert Norwood ensures that Danny has a mentor to guide him through the early years of his young and impressionable life.

Running an amusement arcade, working as a casino employee, and finally owning a fruit & vegetable kiosk, gives Danny the life skills that will bode him well for the trials and tribulations he will inadvertently come across.

From the desolate town of Xangongo in Southern Angola, to the northern English metropolis of Manchester, both men chance upon life changing experiences that will be forever etched on their minds.

Still, there are curve balls to be deflected while Danny and Leon face one final battle to protect the loves of their lives and Leon’s vision of the security village that is Hambledon Downs.

Two remarkable men; and two remarkable stories merge, to take the reader on an intriguing journey through the pages of “Two Kinds of Courage”.

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