Drift back in time – SNIPPETS IN TIME by S. R. Mallery – @SarahMallery1 @Pizzazz_Books #ASMSG #IARTG #historical #free

Snippets in Time

Snippets In Time
by S. R. Mallery

Drift back in time with award winning S. R. Mallery, as she presents some excerpts––or “snippets”––from her different books. They range from an American family saga to full, historical adventures involving sewing; from a U.S. Civil War Romeo and Juliet couple defying all odds to a 1926 Old Hollywood romantic murder mystery; from both a colorful Western romance and a Nazi spy romance thriller to short stories that keep you guessing….


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Snippets in Time 3D-Book-Template 3turpitude-3d-book-templateMr Bigelow Smells A Rat 3D-Book-TemplateThe Dolan Girls USA 3D-Book-TemplateMurder Goes Overboard 3D-Book-TemplateRemember 3D-Book-TemplateThere Abideth Hope 3D-Book-TemplateMy Prison 3D-Book-TemplateA Dead Nephew 3D-Book-TemplateA Body on Fitzgerald's Bluff USA 3D-Book-TemplateWipe Out 3D-Book-TemplateFall's Killer Vintage 3D-Book-TemplateDaggers Destiny 3D-Book-TemplateSnippets in Time 3D-Book-Template 3

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