A nightmarish journey of suspense and intrigue! -THE JOURNEY by Chariss K. Walker- FREE till 15 November @chariss_walker @Pizzazz_Books #free #IARTG #RRBC >>

the journey.jpgThe Journey
by Chariss K. Walker  

#amazon #pizzazzbookpromotions #mystery #thrillers #Psychological #metaphysical #suspense #intrigue

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My Prison 3D-Book-Templatea Debauchery 3D-Book-TemplateMurder Over Miami 3D-Book-TemplateFront row center 3D-Book-TemplateTender Enemies USA 3D-Book-TemplateA Dead Nephew 3D-Book-TemplateCozy 7 Book Set NEW 3D-Book-TemplateA Body on Fitzgerald's Bluff USA 3D-Book-TemplateWipe Out 3D-Book-Templatesewing-can-be-dangerous-with-badge-3d-book-templateFall's Killer Vintage 3D-Book-TemplatePaths of Righteousness 3D-Book-TemplateApollos Raven NEW 3D-Book-TemplateThe Journey 3D-Book-Template

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