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Every morning I come in to Pizzazz Book Promotions and am faced with beautiful books.  I do a lot of promoting on a daily basis and when I see a book selling I absolutely rave.  Watching that ranking on Amazon I get rather excited when I see the movement.  When a book suddenly hits the Amazon Bestseller ranking I am like a ra ra girl running up and down the sidelines.  All I need is a huge pompom which I could shake up and down.  I look at the rankings and know those authors are doing something right.  But what!

Today I can’t do that.  I won’t be running up and down the fields yelling that word ‘buy’!  But I will be sitting on the grandstand cheering on those sales.  I am bound to my chair with an injury of note.  I have a blue knob on my leg the size of a golf ball.  Not to mention the huge wounds on my knee and leg.  Self pity creeping in there.  That is what happened when a huge dog attacked my little dog yesterday and I had to open his jaws and save my little one.  I don’t know who is rattled more.  Our little dog or me.  I was shaken and cross.  But it really made me think.  There is space for big and small.

I always think ‘books’ and it really is true.  There is space in the market for every single one of us.  It is the way we go about things that makes the difference.

So, it is time to sit down and look around to see just how authors are getting those sales.  And, wow!  The sales are there and they are within reach.  I have done so much research and there is one tool you need.  I need it for sure.  Everyone searches for something.  It happens all the time.  If you, as an author, have been searching for something to help your book sales definitely take a look at KDP Rocket.  I bet you have seen that name over and over again.  I am willing to give it a try!  I am so ready to sell more books!  I am all for sharing, and this I had to share.

KDP Rocket


Find Keywords that Readers Actually Type Into Amazon
Discover Bestselling Book Categories in Seconds
Learn About Other Authors & Their Sales
Find Profitable AMS Keywords Fast

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