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Grave Expectations on Dickens’ Dune
Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery #3
(Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery Series)
by Anna Celeste Burke

Sometimes the most dangerous secrets are the ones we don’t know we’re keeping.

A cold case doesn’t stay cold for long when Miriam and her Grand Old Lady Detective [G.O.L.D.] pals take on a new case. Charly’s old friend, Judith Rogow, asks for her help in locating her son’s grave. A veteran of World War II, Allen Rogow survived the war and returned home, only to disappear years later. Although evidence pointed to murder, the police never found his body.

When an ex-convict makes a deathbed confession, he claims Allen Rogow was murdered because of a secret he promised to carry to his grave. Did someone make sure he kept his promise and is he buried in an unmarked grave on Dickens’ Dune? Is Allen Rogow’s killer still alive and intent on making sure no one unearths the truth?

As the cold case warms up, it turns out Allen Rogow wasn’t the only person keeping a dangerous secret. Miriam has a new one too–courtesy of her dead husband’s hidden life.

Grab your copy of book 3 in the Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke, and join the entire G.O.L.D. team as they face what comes in Grave Expectations on Dickens’ Dune.

Recipes Included

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Ooh la la! The competition is stiff in CAKEWALK TO MURDER @morgankwyatt #ASMSG #IARTG #cozyreads #mustread

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Cakewalk to Murder
The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries
Book 10
by M K Scott

Bake-off fever is in full-swing and Donna can’t help but have visions of becoming the next great baking star, but the competition is stiff, and someone is willing to kill to win.

When one of the contestants is found dead, a twist of fate puts Donna at the center of the competition. That’s the perfect position to unravel the mystery, but only if she doesn’t get caught in the crosshairs.

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Ooh la la! TWO-FACED – Now a TV movie! @sylviaselfman #ASMSG #IARTG #thriller

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by Sylvia Selfman and Leigh Selfman


“A rollercoaster ride of twists, turns and suspense.”

Jessica Parks, a soon-to-be-divorced mother of one, has a wildly romantic fling with a handsome stranger on a business trip. But things aren’t exactly what they seem and she soon finds herself embroiled in a dangerous web of lies and deceit.

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Ooh la la! Glitz and glam in Hollywood! TROUBLE IN GLAMOUR TOWN @SarahMallery1 #ASMSG #IARTG #Hollywood

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Trouble In Glamour Town
by S. R. Mallery

Hollywood, 1926. Where actors’ and actresses’ dreams can come true. But do they? While silent screen movie stars reign supreme, a film producer is gunned down in cold blood. Enter Rosie, a pretty bit-player and her bitter, stage-mother, Beatrice. As real celebrities of the time, such as Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Gloria Swanson, and Rudolph Valentino float in and out, a chase to find the killer exposes the true underbelly of Los Angeles––with all its corruption.

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Ooh la la! FORBIDDEN FOOTSTEPS is a mustread! @CynB_Ainsworthe #ASMSG #IARTG #romanticsuspense

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Forbidden Footsteps
(Forbidden Series Book 3)
by Cynthia B Ainsworthe

Peril lurks in the old-world historic streets and shadowy back alleys of the City of Light, and brings Cindy to question both her sanity and heart.

Is the risk to find true happiness worth her life?

Fleeing her violent past to find a new life, Cindy Hastings’ bright future turns dark, as her courtship to the wealthy and sensual French rock star Jean-Claude LeGrand uncovers his expertly crafted facade and his exotic sexual tastes. His sinister secrets create a razor-edged race for her between love and lust, fraught with terrifying evil. Cindy is forced to face the hidden scum of Paris’ murky underworld to find the truth. Could English-speaking Stuart Dumont be her only lifeline to survival?

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How to Write the Best “About The Author” Page Possible

Nicholas C. Rossis

Vacation writing inspiration | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Look at me, world!

Writing a book is hard. Still, I’d rather write a 5-novel series than a book blurb. And when it comes to writing a couple of paragraphs about me, aka Author Bio, well, that’s when I really freak out! Why is it so darn hard telling the world a few things about us?

So, I was particularly happy when I discovered this excellent post on writing your About Me page. It comes from a surprising source–Elegant Themes, the makers of my favorite WordPress theme, Divi. Read on for some great tips on creating a killer Author Bio page, courtesy of Lindsay Pietroluongo!

Lindsay’s About Me Page

“If we’re gonna be friends, you should know that I re-heat my coffee as many times as it takes to burn my tongue, I only watch horror movies through my fingers and I seriously dislike elephants, although…

View original post 1,215 more words

Ooh la la! Available as an ebook and paperback. MY NAME IS NOT SAUL @Spokenamos #ASMSG #IARTG #paperback #kindle

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My Name is Not Saul
(Part Two of the Angelica Series)
by Aimee Marie Bejarano

Saul of Tarsus continues persecuting the church of Jesus. While on the road to Damascus, he finally comes face to face with the One he has been persecuting.
As Saul, now Paul often referred to as Rabbi Sh’ual, sits in a prison in Rome, he tells his story beginning with the final of Christ’s Christians he sentenced to death, Angelica of Bethlehem. He tells his story of how he suffered for Christ to further the gospel.
What is the fate of the Apostle Paul? Who is his prison mate and why does he know some of the things he does? Why do dreams of this woman, Angelica of Bethlehem, haunt the Apostle Paul in sleep?
Part two of the Angelica Series. A Christian, inspirational, historical fiction and messianic read that will continue to shake the very nerve endings of your soul.

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Ooh la la! Definitely take a look at ALL TOMORROW’S MEMORIES @JackieWeger #eNovAaw #ASMSG #mustread

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All Tomorrow’s Memories
by Jackie Weger

After her family is shattered, Willa Manning answers a plea from her adopted daughter’s biological grandparents to share in the life of their only grandchild. Her own health in unexpected jeopardy, Willa sells all she owns, and in a risky leap of faith moves cross-country to meet the older couple. She soon finds herself reckoning with feelings for the acerbic, idiosyncratic attorney who brought them together. He doesn’t trust her motives. She doesn’t trust his. Willa determines every inch of give and take must secure her daughter’s future. Success will be on her terms and none other. The attorney is about to find this out the hard way.

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Every morning I come in to Pizzazz Book Promotions and am faced with beautiful books.  I do a lot of promoting on a daily basis and when I see a book selling I absolutely rave.  Watching that ranking on Amazon I get rather excited when I see the movement.  When a book suddenly hits the Amazon Bestseller ranking I am like a ra ra girl running up and down the sidelines.  All I need is a huge pompom which I could shake up and down.  I look at the rankings and know those authors are doing something right.  But what!

Today I can’t do that.  I won’t be running up and down the fields yelling that word ‘buy’!  But I will be sitting on the grandstand cheering on those sales.  I am bound to my chair with an injury of note.  I have a blue knob on my leg the size of a golf ball.  Not to mention the huge wounds on my knee and leg.  Self pity creeping in there.  That is what happened when a huge dog attacked my little dog yesterday and I had to open his jaws and save my little one.  I don’t know who is rattled more.  Our little dog or me.  I was shaken and cross.  But it really made me think.  There is space for big and small.

I always think ‘books’ and it really is true.  There is space in the market for every single one of us.  It is the way we go about things that makes the difference.

So, it is time to sit down and look around to see just how authors are getting those sales.  And, wow!  The sales are there and they are within reach.  I have done so much research and there is one tool you need.  I need it for sure.  Everyone searches for something.  It happens all the time.  If you, as an author, have been searching for something to help your book sales definitely take a look at KDP Rocket.  I bet you have seen that name over and over again.  I am willing to give it a try!  I am so ready to sell more books!  I am all for sharing, and this I had to share.

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