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Murder at Sea of Passenger X
Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series
Book 5
by Anna Celeste Burke

“Man Overboard!”

That’s not what you want to hear when you’re a week into a 10-day South Sea Island honeymoon. Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler are living it up on Marvelous Marley World’s luxurious cruise ship, the MMW Fantasy of the Sea when trouble strikes. The deluxe accommodations, 5-star cuisine, legendary Marley World entertainment, and exotic locale comes with something extra–a boatload of mystery:

*A missing passenger that no one misses.
*Stolen jewelry, and some of it’s fake.
*A murdered man and his killer on the loose.
*A cool blonde, a sultry brunette, and too many suspects.

What’s going on?

Put on the spot by Georgie’s not too tightly wrapped boss, they’re soon swept up into the investigation. The pressure is on too. Ari’i nui—the Big Chief himself, Mad Max Marley, is on his way from California to Tahiti. Can Georgie and Jack figure out whodunit before he arrives and scuttles the entire investigation?

Cats on board, too! Sweet romance and chocolate, too!

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