#thrillerthursday – Walking The Pendulum


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Walking The Pendulum
by H A Dawson

A stolen existence triggers the ultimate identity crisis

Megan’s made a hasty escape. Now she’s perplexed by the confusion sparked by events on the train journey and her effect on the locals, whose disconcerting behaviour makes her skittish. She’s determined and headstrong yet vulnerable, unaware of the imminent danger posed by the scheme hatched by her mystery assailant.

How long could you wait to take revenge?

Megan’s never experienced visions or fainted before. The vivid images have a momentary impact, though they’re a harbinger of future events where Megan is not the only victim to fall prey to a scheming murderer.

The journey of life is as much a cliché as is the idea of seeing yourself through others eyes. In this compelling thriller, Megan’s assumptions are foolish as her real journey starts when she reaches her destination. There are many scrutinising her activities; a few are threatened by her presence, questioning her reasons for moving to this small town. The situation is intriguing especially as her striking features resemble Saskia a lively woman who vanished 3 decades ago.

This story embraces a British style of mystery that merges into the suspense, culminating in a thriller with an enthralling finale that leaves us to question our personal strengths and endeavours.

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