Refugee: The Prelude to The Migrant

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Refugee: The Prelude to The Migrant
by Mason Forbes

Two young women.
On the run.
On their own.
Easy pickings for criminals and deviants.

In the dying throes of the Yugoslav conflict Cara and Anouska flee their home as the pillaging militias tighten their noose. There is no going back for them. There is no one they can trust. Their fraught journey to a new life begins.

Exposure as fugitives threatens at every turn. Deceit and deception lurk in their path and trip them up as they come up against the underbelly of Austria, Germany and Belgium. Lacking street savvy, they encounter the quicksand of people smuggling as even slavery looms. Only courage and ruthlessness can avert disaster.

Tension mounts as nemesis reaches across the continent, and Cara and Anouska must plumb their innate strengths to thwart a grim fate.

Scared and insecure as to their future the sisters’ true grit is revealed. Necessity dictates they break rules and cross perilous lines in their bid for freedom and safety.

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