Purple Pitch

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Purple Pitch
Seduction of America: Inalienable Rights
by Paula Rose Michelson

“Wake up America! WAKE UP NOW! In her latest book it’s as if Paula Rose Michelson was channeling the late George Carlin and the Smothers Brothers in this author tells you what’s going on and how the freedom of the American people is being taken away. She points out the scary road our “leaders in charge” are taking us down as they stray away from democracy.

This isn’t just a book for those interested in ‘The Political Plundering of America,’ it’s a book that EVERY American citizen NEEDS to READ!

Since America is not lost yet there is still time to take action! These six quotes from Paula Rose Michelson’s, The Purple Pitch Seduction of America are six reasons to read this book!

— ‘Freedom is a sacred trust passed down to us by all those who have died so we could be free.
It’s what we owe to ourselves, the next generation and the world!’
— ‘The Trust Fund had been used by Congress to fund things it was never intended for!’
— ‘We paid into the system and this trusted system, which we’re being told is bankrupt, isn’t!’
— ‘The tail is trying to wag the dog!’
— ‘We continue to look at what worked once upon a time rather than search for new solutions.’
— ‘Today it seems that we really are living in the carnival sideshow’s scary hall of mirrors.

Read this book to find out what’s going on and what needs to be done! On a personal note, I pray, ‘God help us all because our current governing body doesn’t seem to be inclined to stop the madness.’” — John Hale/Hamburger Fry, Author

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