The weekend has arrived!


Time to unwind, relax and enjoy!  Pick one, two or even a few!

Desert Rose is FREE!

Passion in the Kitchen

Love at the Beach Box Set


Starlet’s Run

Creating Millionaires

Love, Peace & Joy

My First Travel Book

The Seven Natural Wonders Of The Earth

The Seven Wonders of the World

My Greek Traditional Cookbook 1

My Greek Traditional Cookbook 2

My First Fun Golf Steps

My Lady Love

Wood, Talc & Mr. J

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Sunday . . .


Don’t miss out!
Curious Reality                                                    Spilt Milk
Front Row Center                                                My Greek Traditional Cookbook 1
I Can Cook Pastry: A Children’s Cookbook         What Your Sales Trainer Didn’t Teach You
Sin                                                                       Rydin’ the Storm Out
Unbridled                                                            Starlet’s Web
Love at the Beach or at iTunes
Wood, Talc and Mr. J
Dreams Come True

Featuring soon!
My First Fun Golf Steps
The What for, how to of Holistic Alternative Healing
Blissfully Chocolate

An extra little something!
Shaun Allan has something in the pipeline . . .

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