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The Improbable

by Tiara James

Eva-Marie’s father is Chicago’s biggest drug producer.
Life for Eva-Marie could never be easy between keeping her family’s big secret and being forced to marry the arrogant Ray Jackson – and it only gets harder when David comes to town. Ever since David’s mother died, he became a cold and angry person because his father was always hard to please and barely spoke to him. And so, he takes the offer to fill the spot as Chief of Police without hesitation to make his father happy and uses it as an opportunity for them to bond closer. To prove he has what it takes, David has to bring down Chicago’s Trioxytin producer. David and Eva meet at a boat party but due to his hot temper, the two do not get along well. However, when they see that they’re in the same group of friends they learn to deal with each other. David and Eva fall in love without knowing that they’re each other’s greatest enemy. They have society against them as well as their parents, and their situations threatening to tear them apart. Will their love be enough to defy the odds against them? Told from both characters’ point of view and set in the state of Illinois in 1950, The Improbable, is a compelling romantic novel that pushes the envelope of the typical love story and will keep you hooked until the very last page.

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